FERRO was founded in Vejle in 1947 by Holger Sørensen and manufactured in the beginning only the opening and closing mechanisms for doors. Erik Sorensen, a nephew of Holger Sørensen, took over as CEO in 1987.

FERRO’s development took off in the mid-1990s with a strong focus on the international market. The old village school in Assendrup, which since 1963 has formed part of the company, over the years been transformed into a modern work of 1400 m2. Here is the construction and design in 3D CAD software as natural as the use of modern CNC machine tools in production.

The original Ferro closed in 2011 and was taken over by one of Ferro’s old subcontractors HP ELECTRONIK A / S which over the years have made electronics company, with the new owner, we have been strengthened, especially on the electronic side which is a big part the doors.
The company is called today FERRO – DOORS has approx. 7 employees in charge of the daily operations of the company. The foundation for continued growth and development of the company is present. – There has been a modernization of both products and techniques used in the production of Ferro’s products.