Production & Logistics


FERRO’s core competencies lie in CNC-milling, welding and mounting, combined with a large degree of flexibility and delivering to our customers’ production line in the right quantities, at the right time and in the right place. And this is not just something we say – we would also like to prove it!

Many strategic components are produced using our own machines, and FERRO has invested in advanced CNC milling machines to ensure cost-effective and flexible manufacture of such critical components.

Project-oriented serial production of many different product types and in very varied batch sizes means we have to be very efficient at fast-turnaround, something very noticeable in our mounting department.

This is where a number of our most experienced employees are to be found, specialising in the fitting of sub-systems and function control of each and every system prior to packing and despatch.



At FERRO, we are used to working together with large multinationals companies, and their high demands of the products and services we supply. Within the total project, we naturally include packaging and correct ID marking, which requires specific procedures to ensure the goods are packed and labelled according to the customer’s own specifications.

Our aim is 100% delivery as ordered.

Over 85% of all sales go to export. We are capable of preparing export documentation, certificate of origin etc., with specially-trained personnel in-house.