FERROs train concept


The concept of a FERRO train door is based on our own components, core competencies and production expertise.

The mechanism system consists of specially-manufactured components, from cables to smallest fittings. Curved door mechanisms are another option we can offer customers. The door mechanism system can vary from one project to another, but the flexibility of the product means that well-proven components can be used in new customised products.

Consistent use of certain components carries on the benefits of experience and know-how, brings LCC (Life Cycle Costs) down and ensures that new stringent specifications can be met.

The door leaves consist of a screwed aluminium frame in which glass panes are fitted. The actual aluminium frame consists of a specially-designed profile that combined with the glass ensures strength and durability. The shape and size of the door leaf can be varied and designed to the customer’s specifications.


Train door options

Customisation is one of our specialities. We can therefore for example offer a wide range within electrical lock functions, which can be connected to the train’s main circuit or the door’s own circuit. All lock functions are adjustable and can be customised to the door’s use whether it is to be used as a toilet door, fire door or access door.

The handles can also be designed to suit the rest of the carriage interior and the glass can be decorated with engraved patterns or adhesive film.